Thanks so much to all of you who entered the big May Giveaway Day! I really appreciate all of your info on my shop as well. I have some good ideas of what to make (and what to make more of)! I had such great response to the aprons that I will be adding them to my store. Expect them in a week or two.

Check back here at la*le POP for more giveaways, pictures of what I’m working on, and other random crafty craziness.

Now, on to the winners…. (Which is what you’re all excited about, I know!)

The winner of the black & white damask apron is Whitney Rodgers!

And, the winner of the apples & pears apron is Mama Lusco!

I’ll have an e-mail in your inbox within the next 15 minutes to get an address from you guys.

How about the rest of y’all? Have you won anything in the other giveaways? So far I’ve won some adorable fabric from 2Hippos. This is exciting!