Tonight at church we had a Make It & Take It craft night. We all made fun beaded bookmarks, ate dinner, and then did a great craft. I was drooling over some of the items people were making! They had several to choose from. One of my friends taught everyone to make gift wrap bows from recycled magazines, scrapbook paper, or anything else. They were Uh-dorable. I’ve been promised a private lesson later.

I taught a craft, so I didn’t get to make anything. What did I teach? The good old standby fleece tie blankets, of course. We cut and tied a dozen blankets tonight, but we aren’t keeping them. We’re sending them to some kiddos in Northern Iraq. These special kids need heart surgeries, but can’t get them in their country. There aren’t any doctors who perform pediatric heart surgeries there. So, they have to go to another country. The great people at The Preemptive Love Coalition help make this possible. We sent blankets for the kids to have when they travel. Security blankets, I guess. Something special to help them through a rough time. I hope they’ll be blessed!

Check out the Preemptive Love Coalition site today. They have some ways that quilters can also get involved with what they’re doing. It’s a great site manned by wonderful people doing good things for precious kids. Love that.