I’ve been sewing up a storm the past two weeks. Last weekend, my wonderful Mother-in-Law came down. She stayed with the kiddos and I ran away. I took all of my sewing stuff and moved to the conference room of my hubby’s office. There I sewed and sewed without little ones climbing in my lap. It was delightful.

That weekend also helped get me back into sewing. Lately it’s been so hectic that I keep putting off my projects. This doesn’t make me a happy camper. But now, I’m overflowing with projects that are actually completed. Yay!

Here’s a list of what I was able to complete:

2 aprons
4 Nifty Little Bags
3 laundry bags (Something new for my shop! I’m excited!)
1 really cool tote bag
1 drawstring backpack (I’m not sure of the real name of these handy bags — they’re like a backpack with a drawstring top. Hence my clever name for them.)

I’d love to show you pictures of all of these goodies. I’d love to put them up in my store. I’d love to, but it keeps raining here! We had very little rain this summer, which is quite rare. Well, the weather must have realized it was behind because the rain has begun. On Sunday it looked a bit cloudy, but nice. So, I got everything together and ironed, all of my photo props gathered, and my family dressed. We were going to the park on campus to take pictures. We walked to the door and **BOOM**! The thunder began and it started to pour. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a break in the clouds and I can take some shots.

August 19th is the 1 year anniversary of my shop. Be looking for a giveaway and some special sales!