Yesterday I headed out to take pictures. The sky was still dark and it was actually thundering, but I was tired of putting it off! My wonderful hubby came to watch the kids and I ran to the truck. It was actually misting, but I was still delusional and thought I could take photos.

The rain quit when I got to my favorite location — a little courtyard with a fountain on the campus where we live. It’s got stone benches, great plants, flagstone paths, the fountain, a gate…. great spots for photos. I set up my first shot and *click* took the picture. At the same moment, the rain began to fall.



Yes, I should have known. But, I’ve been trying to get these photos done for days and days! Did I give up and go home? No. Did I drive over to the Wendy’s to drown my sorrows in a Frosty? No.


I got my stuff and ran up to the porch next to the courtyard. The light was decent and there were some great white benches. So, I took shots of several new blankets and some Nifty Little Bags. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.

I also have labels now! My wonderful friend Brittney at b.originals designed me some great labels to sew into all of my products.  Here’s a shot of my new labels…


You can see my other new items in my shop. I’ll be adding them throughout the next few days.