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I read a variety of blogs every day and saw this on Sew, Mama, Sew. What a great way to help people create!

What am I talking about? For all of you crafty people out there, think about what you would do without any craft supplies? What would you do without any fabric — and without a lot of resources to purchase new clothing items for your family? This is reality for many people in Iraq. (It’s not like there’s a Hancocks or Jo-Ann’s around the corner, you know.) The mothers (and crafters) of Iraq will benefit from you going through your stash and donating fabric, needles, thread, knitting supplies, buttons… or whatever!

Go to the website for Iraqi Bundles of Love and read more. When I find a good deal on fabric, I often buy a couple of yards. Then, after I use it for several projects, I get tired of it. It usually goes in the closet and I’ll pull it out later when it’s new to me again. Instead of taking up that closet space, I’m going to gather those random yards of fabric and send them on. My tiny apartment can’t handle all of the junk I’m accumulating! 🙂 So, this will be a great way to help an Iraqi family and make my hubby happy because the clutter is decreased.

Now I have to go dig through my button stash….