Yes, I stink at this blog.

This blog stinks.

One of the reasons is that I have a personal blog that I’ve kept for years. It’s much more funner. It’s much more betterer. So, I’m deciding to put this blog out of it’s misery and officially quit posting here.

Gosh, like that’s a surprise. I mean, I hardly ever posted here anyway!

So, please consider this a hearty invitation to you to head over to my other, more betterer and funnerer blog: The mab Blab. There’s a giveaway going on now to celebrate my 500th post!

Thanks to all of you poor souls who endured my sad blog. Please read up at my other one… I have a great new Etsy shop in the works that will have a ridiculous amount of vintage fabrics to share with you.

See you at the Blab!