I know you’re wondering how on earth to say it…. Lah-Lay is correct.

The name means “tulip” in Turkish and is also an anagram of my first daughter’s name. (Her name is Ella.) I think it has a cool sound & so I chose it as a shop name.

Why la•le Style?

I’ve got bags, purses, baby blankets, coasters, nursing covers…. I make anything that strikes my fancy. The cohesive factor to all of my handcrafted items is the personal style I put into each one. I only make and sell items that I would use myself or feel proud to give as a gift.

Check out my shop on Etsy and check back with the blog often. I love to give stuff away!


One Response to “la•le… Say What?”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Since Andrew & Brett are expecting…I’m in love with the cowboy blanket. I’m just waiting to see if they may be having a boy and I’ll get that for them to wrap their own little cowboy in.

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