Tonight is the big craft fair we have here on campus. My hubby is getting a Masters degree & we live on the campus of the school. There’s lots of activities every year & this is one of the biggest. I’ve been preparing for months and I hope it goes really well. I’m an absolute nervous wreck. Not only am I trying to frantically get everything together, I also lost my voice. I can’t talk! I’m guzzling hot tea, water, and any other liquid to try to help out. I’m also not talking unless necessary. This is really really difficult for me!

I am excited about something new….

Bella sucre handmade sugar scrub

Bella sel handmade bath saltsAren’t the logos beautiful? My best bud over at b.originals did them for me. Tonight will be their debut. We’ll see how it goes….

Now, back to packing and getting ready! And more tea. I need more hot tea.


Yesterday I met someone new and we got to talking about starting our own businesses. I handed her one of my supa’ cool cards and she began gushing over their supa’ coolness.

I have to agree. They are gushable. See…

Lale Style Promo Cards

Lale Style Promo Cards back

My buddy Brittney has been graphic designing (it’s a word, right?) for several years now. She put together this folded business card with all of my info on the front and back and pictures/shop info on the inside. It always gets me great attention! All of her stuff is quite gushable, if you ask me!

People always ask where I found my cards, so I thought I’d show off Brittney’s site for you. In addition to business cards and Etsy banners/stuff, she makes beautiful cards. She did both of my girls’ birth announcements. Her Etsy site is boriginals and her website is also called boriginals. (That’s so handy, isn’t it?) Here’s some of my other faves that she’s done.

annie's birth annoucement

This was the birth announcement she did for our second daughter. Beautiful!!!

couples shower invites

The hands are great — they just make this perfect.

sweet baby boy

This almost makes me want to wake up my little sweethearts to see their faces. Almost. But not quite. I mean, who wakes up two kids when they’re napping at the same time? Instead, I’ll go sleep now….! (After all, you can’t create when you’re sleepy, right?)