Well, the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway days are over. I entered almost every giveaway and now I’m hoping (with fingers crossed!) to win something.

But, more than anything, I would really like to win this. Yay for giveaways!

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme
TodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year?

1. A ring from my hubby to temporarily take the place of my wedding bands. After 2 kids in 3 years, my knuckles have expanded and they don’t fit. (This is strange for knuckles to grow, isn’t it?)

2. Some storage shelves for the mess of toys in the girls’ room.

3. New clothes.

4. A new rotary cutter and cutting mat.

5. A magic robot that will clean my house, do my dishes, and wash my laundry.

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received?

One year, my mom put together a recipe box full of cards. She mailed these cards to friends, family, former teachers, and people I’ve known all my life. They each wrote one or two cards and sent them back. It is so neat to look through and see all of the different recipes, the handwriting, and all of the people who sent something in. I treasure that box!

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle?

Someday I’ll make a quilted family tree wallhanging for my grandmother. I can see the project in my head. Let’s see if it can come to fruition!

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?

I got a Cabbage Patch Doll. It was the year that everyone was in a frenzy for them, but as a 4 year-old, I don’t think I was caught up in that. I knew that I adored Nicola Beth with her red yarn pigtails instantly. She went with me everywhere. The older cousin who gave her to me took me and my brother later that year to get our pictures taken. These professional portraits were supposed to be a surprise for my parents. They were certainly surprised to see me, my brother, and Nicola Beth in the finished portraits!

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year?

My kids are too small to really have a conscious wish list. (They’re 1 year old & 2 1/2.) But, they’re getting a kitchen and I know they’ll adore it. My oldest is also getting a Buzz Lightyear doll. I know she’s a girl, but she’s obsessed with Toy Story. I know she’s going to love that toy!

6. What is your favorite holiday food?

The massive amounts of handmade candy and cookies that my Mama makes each year! YUM! She asked me and my hubby tonight which ones we wanted this year so she wouldn’t have to make any that we don’t want. My hubby’s answer: She can make all of them. One year I counted and there were 17 different varieties of treats on the dining room table! That’s right… it takes up the entire dining room table.

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays?

I’m making a variety of gifts this year. I won’t write details since some family members read this blog! But, one family member doesn’t have a computer or read blogs, so I can tell you about hers… My 81 year-old aunt loves birds. She has a walker that she uses to get around. There’s a basket attached to it for her to hold her purse or other things. I found some perfect birdie fabric and I’m going to make a basket-cozy for her. I think she’ll like it. I also think I should get extra points for creativity!

8. What is your favorite holiday movie?

Elf. Love it. Hee-larious.

9. Favorite holiday song?

Probably O Holy Night. I sing it in the shower if no one else is home to hear it. In college, my roommate came home early one time while I was showering. I didn’t hear her come in to our tiny dorm room. I had started the song a bit high for my range, but since it was just me and the shaving cream, I let it rip anyway. Well, when the water turned off and I was reaching for the towel, I heard a voice from the other side of the bathroom door screeching in imitation of me. Sigh… no one appreciates good art, I guess.

10. Favorite holiday pastime?

Taking my daughters to see the lights. They love them. It’s just magic!

Now, I tag Britty, KarenD, and Ashley! Y’all need to make sure to participate!


Ok, I’ve been thinking about this giveaway from the Fabric Shopper for almost 2 weeks.

And today I found out that I won! HOORAY! YIPPEE!! WOO-HOO!

(Yes, I am quite excited.)

Now I have to go think about what to make….

In other news, I know I’ve been out of the blogging world awhile. My eldest daughter is turning 2 next weekend. I’m furiously working on a birthday banner and matching tablecloth for her. The tablecloth is a wonky log cabin. Yes. I’m quilting it. Well, patchwork for now. After the party I’ll add the batting & backing & quilt it. Eventually it will be a twin quilt for her.

I’m really excited about this project because I have the sheet that was the first one she slept on as a baby and a piece of fabric I used to swaddle her. (The weather was in the 100s and we didn’t have A/C. I didn’t use blankets on her for months! An extra yard of fabric was her swaddler instead.) I can’t wait until the day that these fabrics that once cradled and held her can do so again.

Pictures to come soon.

Here’s a new Giveaway I’ve heard of from Shabby Apple — beautiful dresses!

I love giveaways! I think I’ll have to have another one soon…. Hmm…. I must start thinking of what to give away….

I’ve just heard about Amy Butler’s MidMod contest. If you don’t want to click that link to read the whole thing, here’s a snapshot: Make something with her cool Midwest Modern fabric. Send her a picture. 10 People will win an amazing prize.

I want that prize.

So, should it be a quilt? A hostess set of apron, pot holders, coasters, etc.? A supa’-cool purse? A tea cozy? A tablecloth? A stuffed animal? An entire Christmas tree’s worth of ornaments?


I know this is just a ploy to get people to buy her fabric and make stuff with it. But, it is a ploy that is working on me. Here’s some of my favorite fabrics in the Midwest Modern collection: