Finally, here’s some pictures of my booth from the recent Craft Fair. It’s a small thing held in the student center here on the campus where we live. (My hub is getting his masters & we live in the lovely married-with-children-really-tiny-but-we’re-so-grateful-anyway housing.) So, it was just a long table. I knew that presentation was key! Many people toss on a pretty tablecloth & lay out a few items. Some even skip the tablecloth — that’s it. Pretty basic. I didn’t want basic. I wanted something great. But, with zero budget, I had to use only what was around the house.

Jayme helping at my booth with a baby she "borrowed"

So, the tablecloth is a tan matelasse bedspread, the damask boxes typically hold my ribbon, lace, and sewing notions, and the bulletin board goes in my closet to organize my jewelry. I used the few serving silver pieces I have here to hold bracelets & samples of my sugar scrub. I borrowed a crystal bowl to hold small bath salt packages. Then, I raided my house and two neighbors’ homes for silver photo frames. The prices were matted on coordinating scrapbook paper and put in the frames.

I wish I had something better for my Sugar Scrub samples than fish-themed dixie cups....

Oh, and the milk glass that held business cards, mini flyers, and other stuff… normally holds our toothbrushes and my hair stuff.

I know the table is really cramped! But, it was the only way to maximize my space. I got lots of compliments and I hope it encouraged the usual vendors to step it up with their booths next year. We’re hoping more people from the community come to this event, but they only will if it looks more professional.

By the end of the night, these boxes of bags were almost empty!

I thought of tons of things to change for next year. One thing I will keep the same: I’ll have help! The person in the pictures (well, the one with teeth) is my good friend Jayme. The baby is one she “borrowed” from a friend. She claimed she only got little Abe to sit with us to draw people over to our booth. I guess it worked. So… next year I’ll borrow a baby.

closeup of the suga' scrubs!

My favorite thing: I used my Turkish chai glasses to hold samples of the sugar scrub. They are shaped like a tulip and have a cool pedestal foot. That way, people could smell what each of the scents were like. I have Vanilla Bloom, Cotton Blossom, Very Peary Berry, and Fleur de Lis.

Do any of you participate in Craft Fairs? I’m interested in doing some that are larger. But, I need help! YIKES! And major advice. So, feel free to leave a comment, send an e-mail, or convo me through Etsy and tell me all the good and bad you know!


I’ve somewhat recovered from the Craft Fair last week. It’s only 2 hours long and they offer Chick-fil-A sandwiches for cheap, so everyone from the school & the neighborhood descends at once. It’s a mad house! This year, it all went great! The booth looked great (if I do say so myself), lots of people came, and I sold quite a bit. Last year was an utter failure. This year, I made 10 times as much profit. Yay! This money is earmarked for Christmas gifts for the fam, so I’m pleased. I’m also taking a jump and looking for more area craft fairs to participate in. Anyone out there with serious craft fair experience… I welcome your advice & input!

Now, here’s a great giveaway that I really really hope I win….

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Tonight is the big craft fair we have here on campus. My hubby is getting a Masters degree & we live on the campus of the school. There’s lots of activities every year & this is one of the biggest. I’ve been preparing for months and I hope it goes really well. I’m an absolute nervous wreck. Not only am I trying to frantically get everything together, I also lost my voice. I can’t talk! I’m guzzling hot tea, water, and any other liquid to try to help out. I’m also not talking unless necessary. This is really really difficult for me!

I am excited about something new….

Bella sucre handmade sugar scrub

Bella sel handmade bath saltsAren’t the logos beautiful? My best bud over at b.originals did them for me. Tonight will be their debut. We’ll see how it goes….

Now, back to packing and getting ready! And more tea. I need more hot tea.