I have a TON of blogs linked in my Google Reader. It’s an addiction almost as severe as my fabric addiction. One blog that mixes my two addictions: True Up. Lots of info on what’s going on in the fabric world + great writing + bloggy goodness + giveaways. I’m happy.

Be happy & go visit this blog. 🙂


Wow! While perusing my daily craft sites and blogs, I was directed to the grand opening of Flannel Queen and Dizzy Daisy fabric shops. These two shops are owned by two sisters and have just opened. They’re also doing an amazing giveaway to tell people about their grand opening!

As you know, I’m obsessed with all types of fabric and have a special place in my heart for cute flannel, so these two new shops spell trouble for me and my budget. Check out their giveaways when you get a chance!

Check out the Flannel Queen giveaway here and the Dizzy Daisy giveaway here.

By the way…. I’m so glad there’s a spot that’s devoted to great flannel. It’s really hard to find good-quality, non-cheesy flannel here where I live.

I am at my in-laws’ home right now, which is always great for my sewing. They watch the kids and I sit back here and do whatever. Yay for creative whatever!

This time, I decided to challenge myself: I brought a random box of fabrics with me. I am going to make as many things as I can with only what’s in this box.


Ok, only what’s in this box + the random notions and thread I threw into a ziploc bag.

And the flannel and interfacing that I need for so many items.

(Sorry for the sad lighting & bad photo — the best I can do at 10:00 at night.)

Only one planned project is included: the winner’s bunting from my previous giveaway. Other than that, it’s just a box of randomness and this is really exciting. I’ve felt too much like a factory lately — just churning out what I thought I’ve needed to. No fun! Now, it may not seem like good marketing sense, but I’m going to make what’s fun and whatever I feel like.

I’m also making another committment: I’m not buying any new fabric until next year. You should see my massive stash! It’s waaaaaay too large for our tiny apartment. The only exceptions: a custom order for a client, notions necessary to finish a project, or anything else that must be bought to finish something out. I’m curious about what will happen. I know my checkbook will sigh in relief. However, I will go into serious fabric withdrawal. I just hope I don’t get the shakes and start sewing crookedly! Hah!

I’ll post pictures over the next few days of what I come up with out of this box. Now, I’m off to finish the winning bunting!

Another blog I check regularly is The Fabric Shopper. They show off so many beautiful fabrics (and y’all know I’m addicted!) & they give the scoop on who has a sale going on. I always check the sale sheet before I buy any fabric.

Well, right now, they’re hosting a cool giveaway. In fact, it’s the most creative giveaway I’ve heard of. To win a whole wonderful mess of fat quarters from Whipstitch fabric shop on Etsy, you have to browse through the shop and make a bundle. Two people will win all of the fabric they put in their bundle. Woo-hoo!

Here’s what I picked…

It’s a grouping of nature inspired & science fabrics in grays, blues, and greens, with a few shocks of red. On my computer it looks awesome — I hope it’s great in person! Let’s name this collection….

Wood, Sky, Sea, and Science

1. Rocket Scientist by Kari Beyer (LOVE THIS!)
2. Heather Ross Far Far Away Snails in blue
3. Lush Wood Grain in Moss
4. Tula Pink’s Mermaid’s Tail in Storm
5. Arcadia, Flock in Bark
6. Koi in vibrant red
7. Lush Wood Grain in Sky
8. French Map in Angel Food (Too great!)
9. Tortoise Shell in Deep Sea
10. Briquetage from the Granville Collection
11. Good Folks Filigree in Dusk
12. Wonderland Metamorphosis in Tomato

Ooh! I hope I win! After all, it’s great fabric and I simply don’t have enough great fabric. (True words from a fabri-holic!)

I’ve just heard about Amy Butler’s MidMod contest. If you don’t want to click that link to read the whole thing, here’s a snapshot: Make something with her cool Midwest Modern fabric. Send her a picture. 10 People will win an amazing prize.

I want that prize.

So, should it be a quilt? A hostess set of apron, pot holders, coasters, etc.? A supa’-cool purse? A tea cozy? A tablecloth? A stuffed animal? An entire Christmas tree’s worth of ornaments?


I know this is just a ploy to get people to buy her fabric and make stuff with it. But, it is a ploy that is working on me. Here’s some of my favorite fabrics in the Midwest Modern collection: