Today is the 1 year anniversary of la•le Style! To celebrate, from now until September 1st, I’m giving something away to anyone who makes a purchase over $5.

A year ago, my family and I also moved to New Orleans. We’ve had to learn a whole new vocabulary: jambalaya, Tchoupitoulas, poboy, and (my favorite!) lagniappe. Pronounced lan-yap, it means “a little something extra.”

book jewelry 1

What’s the lagniappe? It’s Book Jewelry! This clever bookmark tucks away between the pages, but allows the beaded tails to hang over the top and bottom of your book. In a stack of books, this looks especially nice — and better than traditional bookmarks. You can see more pictures of these Book Jewelry bookmarks at my Etsy shop.

I will also be sponsoring a giveaway in honor of my shop’s first anniversary. Check back Friday to see what I’m giving away and to enter. Now, let’s go eat some cake and  ice cream! (It is a birthday, you know!)