Tonight is the big craft fair we have here on campus. My hubby is getting a Masters degree & we live on the campus of the school. There’s lots of activities every year & this is one of the biggest. I’ve been preparing for months and I hope it goes really well. I’m an absolute nervous wreck. Not only am I trying to frantically get everything together, I also lost my voice. I can’t talk! I’m guzzling hot tea, water, and any other liquid to try to help out. I’m also not talking unless necessary. This is really really difficult for me!

I am excited about something new….

Bella sucre handmade sugar scrub

Bella sel handmade bath saltsAren’t the logos beautiful? My best bud over at b.originals did them for me. Tonight will be their debut. We’ll see how it goes….

Now, back to packing and getting ready! And more tea. I need more hot tea.


A few weeks ago, I limited myself to a box of fabric and whatever I could sew from those supplies. Here’s some of what I came up with: (Again, pardon the horrible lighting. All photos were taken pretty late at night after the munchkins went to bed…)

pillowcases for Beanie's bed When my 2 year-old moved into a big girl bed, we went looking for sheet sets and pillowcases. The trouble — the only ones I could find came in a huge, $40 set complete with a comforter. I happen to like the quilt I already had for her. So, we found a few sheets, I plan on making more, and we found one pillow case to get us started. I took some extra fabric and made these three other pillow cases for her toddler-sized pillow. She loves them. In fact, right now she’s sleeping on the ABC one and her baby doll is wrapped up in the red one. (We had a crisis tonight where we couldn’t locate the baby’s blanket…. this pillowcase kept her from melting down!)

lattice smocking This next picture shows a project in progress. I got this fabulous brown and yellow plaid fabric out of my grandma’s stash.  I wish I had a better photo of it for you! Still, you can see the lattice smocking I did at the top. This will be the top of a purse and it will create all kinds of fun gathers. I have a great purse I made for myself, but it’s time for a new one. And, it’s time for a bigger one! Too often my purse turns into a diaper or toy bag. I can’t wait to finish this one. Right now I’m in the final days of prep for a major craft fair. Once that’s done, I can turn back to this project and get it done.

drawstring sewing bag The last item I have a photo for is this drawstring sewing bag. I have several projects I like to work on in the car, but I didn’t have a good place to store them. This bag is also made of fabric from my Grandma’s stash and is lined in white flannel. I made a quick scissors case as well, but neglected to photograph that. I’m glad I had this — the next day we drove 5 hours home and I had all of the supplies I needed to make an iPod case and to do some more lattice smocking. Both great car projects.

The main item I worked on was the winning bunting for my giveaway. But, did I take a picture? No. Because I’m a goober.

I’ve mentioned Grandma’s stash twice in this post so far — she is 88 and has decided not to do much sewing anymore. So, I inherited everything from her and her sister Aunt Velma. I have a huge paper grocery sack full of vintage buttons. My goal in these last few months of this year was to greatly reduce my fabric stash. Instead, I’ve ended up tripling it! YIKES! The buttons are absolutely beautiful. I’ll have to post pictures of my faves. I could eat them up.

I am at my in-laws’ home right now, which is always great for my sewing. They watch the kids and I sit back here and do whatever. Yay for creative whatever!

This time, I decided to challenge myself: I brought a random box of fabrics with me. I am going to make as many things as I can with only what’s in this box.


Ok, only what’s in this box + the random notions and thread I threw into a ziploc bag.

And the flannel and interfacing that I need for so many items.

(Sorry for the sad lighting & bad photo — the best I can do at 10:00 at night.)

Only one planned project is included: the winner’s bunting from my previous giveaway. Other than that, it’s just a box of randomness and this is really exciting. I’ve felt too much like a factory lately — just churning out what I thought I’ve needed to. No fun! Now, it may not seem like good marketing sense, but I’m going to make what’s fun and whatever I feel like.

I’m also making another committment: I’m not buying any new fabric until next year. You should see my massive stash! It’s waaaaaay too large for our tiny apartment. The only exceptions: a custom order for a client, notions necessary to finish a project, or anything else that must be bought to finish something out. I’m curious about what will happen. I know my checkbook will sigh in relief. However, I will go into serious fabric withdrawal. I just hope I don’t get the shakes and start sewing crookedly! Hah!

I’ll post pictures over the next few days of what I come up with out of this box. Now, I’m off to finish the winning bunting!

I’ve been sewing up a storm the past two weeks. Last weekend, my wonderful Mother-in-Law came down. She stayed with the kiddos and I ran away. I took all of my sewing stuff and moved to the conference room of my hubby’s office. There I sewed and sewed without little ones climbing in my lap. It was delightful.

That weekend also helped get me back into sewing. Lately it’s been so hectic that I keep putting off my projects. This doesn’t make me a happy camper. But now, I’m overflowing with projects that are actually completed. Yay!

Here’s a list of what I was able to complete:

2 aprons
4 Nifty Little Bags
3 laundry bags (Something new for my shop! I’m excited!)
1 really cool tote bag
1 drawstring backpack (I’m not sure of the real name of these handy bags — they’re like a backpack with a drawstring top. Hence my clever name for them.)

I’d love to show you pictures of all of these goodies. I’d love to put them up in my store. I’d love to, but it keeps raining here! We had very little rain this summer, which is quite rare. Well, the weather must have realized it was behind because the rain has begun. On Sunday it looked a bit cloudy, but nice. So, I got everything together and ironed, all of my photo props gathered, and my family dressed. We were going to the park on campus to take pictures. We walked to the door and **BOOM**! The thunder began and it started to pour. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a break in the clouds and I can take some shots.

August 19th is the 1 year anniversary of my shop. Be looking for a giveaway and some special sales!

Tonight at church we had a Make It & Take It craft night. We all made fun beaded bookmarks, ate dinner, and then did a great craft. I was drooling over some of the items people were making! They had several to choose from. One of my friends taught everyone to make gift wrap bows from recycled magazines, scrapbook paper, or anything else. They were Uh-dorable. I’ve been promised a private lesson later.

I taught a craft, so I didn’t get to make anything. What did I teach? The good old standby fleece tie blankets, of course. We cut and tied a dozen blankets tonight, but we aren’t keeping them. We’re sending them to some kiddos in Northern Iraq. These special kids need heart surgeries, but can’t get them in their country. There aren’t any doctors who perform pediatric heart surgeries there. So, they have to go to another country. The great people at The Preemptive Love Coalition help make this possible. We sent blankets for the kids to have when they travel. Security blankets, I guess. Something special to help them through a rough time. I hope they’ll be blessed!

Check out the Preemptive Love Coalition site today. They have some ways that quilters can also get involved with what they’re doing. It’s a great site manned by wonderful people doing good things for precious kids. Love that.

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this giveaway from the Fabric Shopper for almost 2 weeks.

And today I found out that I won! HOORAY! YIPPEE!! WOO-HOO!

(Yes, I am quite excited.)

Now I have to go think about what to make….

In other news, I know I’ve been out of the blogging world awhile. My eldest daughter is turning 2 next weekend. I’m furiously working on a birthday banner and matching tablecloth for her. The tablecloth is a wonky log cabin. Yes. I’m quilting it. Well, patchwork for now. After the party I’ll add the batting & backing & quilt it. Eventually it will be a twin quilt for her.

I’m really excited about this project because I have the sheet that was the first one she slept on as a baby and a piece of fabric I used to swaddle her. (The weather was in the 100s and we didn’t have A/C. I didn’t use blankets on her for months! An extra yard of fabric was her swaddler instead.) I can’t wait until the day that these fabrics that once cradled and held her can do so again.

Pictures to come soon.