Can y’all tell that I’m Giveaway-obsessed? Here’s a great one that I also really really hope to win!

Check out the Hawthorne Threads Giveaway for a purse kit or fabric from the amazing Art Gallery Fabrics peeps!

Also, another Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day is coming up for the first of December. I’m clearing the calendar and getting a babysitter so I can enter contests all day! Ok, I’m only sort-of kidding on that one.


I’ve somewhat recovered from the Craft Fair last week. It’s only 2 hours long and they offer Chick-fil-A sandwiches for cheap, so everyone from the school & the neighborhood descends at once. It’s a mad house! This year, it all went great! The booth looked great (if I do say so myself), lots of people came, and I sold quite a bit. Last year was an utter failure. This year, I made 10 times as much profit. Yay! This money is earmarked for Christmas gifts for the fam, so I’m pleased. I’m also taking a jump and looking for more area craft fairs to participate in. Anyone out there with serious craft fair experience… I welcome your advice & input!

Now, here’s a great giveaway that I really really hope I win….

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Wow! While perusing my daily craft sites and blogs, I was directed to the grand opening of Flannel Queen and Dizzy Daisy fabric shops. These two shops are owned by two sisters and have just opened. They’re also doing an amazing giveaway to tell people about their grand opening!

As you know, I’m obsessed with all types of fabric and have a special place in my heart for cute flannel, so these two new shops spell trouble for me and my budget. Check out their giveaways when you get a chance!

Check out the Flannel Queen giveaway here and the Dizzy Daisy giveaway here.

By the way…. I’m so glad there’s a spot that’s devoted to great flannel. It’s really hard to find good-quality, non-cheesy flannel here where I live.

This post will be short and sweet…..

The winner of the 6 flag Customized Banner is….. kk!

The second place winner who gets to choose any Nifty Little Bag in my shop is…  Lisa Philp!

Thanks to all of you who entered and all of the amazing feedback. This will help me as I get ready for this big ol’ craft fair. Last year I brought absolutely everything & it was quite a bust. I think I need to narrow down to 3 or 4 types of items. Your input is great.

And, check back frequently for more updates and whatever crafty crap I’d like to talk about. Or, what you’d like to talk about.

Congratulations to our winners! Expect an e-mail in your inbox soon…..

** This contest is closed. Check back again later for the winner and more giveaways!**

banner 1

To celebrate the birthday of my shop, I’m giving something to one of you. And you get to customize it!

I’m giving away a 6 flag Super Deluxe Bunting to one lucky person. You get to decide the colors. You get to decide the word.

This sweet deal is worth $35!

banner 3Why is this bunting Super Deluxe? Most bunting or banners are made of a single layer of cotton fabric. This one has two layers of cotton fabric with a layer of flannel in between. Then, appliqued on the outside is a flannel circle and a hand-cut felt letter. The extra flannel and double layers of cotton allow your Super Deluxe Custom Bunting to hang beautifully. Outdoors, your bunting will not be whipped around by regular winds. The ends are loops to hang your bunting. Or, thread beautiful ribbon through these loops and add another layer of beauty.

You can choose a child’s name, a phrase to celebrate a holiday, or anything else you can think of. You can pick the colors to reflect your favorites, show off your team colors, or match your decor.

What if your perfect word is 7, 8, 9, or 30 characters long? You can purchase additional flags at a discounted rate of $3. (Woo-hoo!) So, a Happy Birthday banner (if you win) would only be $27. ($3 per flag for the letters in Birthday + an exclamation point flag)

To see more about these Super Deluxe Buntings, see the shop listing for them here.

So, how can you enter? You can help me out!

I have a craft fair coming up and I need to plan and get ready. Go to my shop and browse around. Come back and tell me what items you would purchase from a craft fair. (If you’re feeling particularly nice, you can give me other suggestions of what you think would work!)

Then, to get more entries…. (But you must go to my shop and answer the above question first, please.)

1. Blog about this giveaway. banner 2

(Be sure to leave me a new comment with a link to your blog.)

2. “Heart” me on Etsy — or let me know you do. (Be sure to leave me a new comment with your Etsy username or shop name.)

3. Purchase something from my shop before September 1st. (This is worth 5 more entries!)

On September 1st, I’ll randomly draw a name and announce the winner. Just because I feel like it, I’ll also draw a 2nd place prize for a free Nifty Little Bag of your choice!

You have until September 1st at 8 p.m. Central time to enter. Remember to leave a separate comment for all of your entries! But, you can only answer my first question about what I can make for the craft fair once.

I just love giveaways!!!

Ok, I’ve been thinking about this giveaway from the Fabric Shopper for almost 2 weeks.

And today I found out that I won! HOORAY! YIPPEE!! WOO-HOO!

(Yes, I am quite excited.)

Now I have to go think about what to make….

In other news, I know I’ve been out of the blogging world awhile. My eldest daughter is turning 2 next weekend. I’m furiously working on a birthday banner and matching tablecloth for her. The tablecloth is a wonky log cabin. Yes. I’m quilting it. Well, patchwork for now. After the party I’ll add the batting & backing & quilt it. Eventually it will be a twin quilt for her.

I’m really excited about this project because I have the sheet that was the first one she slept on as a baby and a piece of fabric I used to swaddle her. (The weather was in the 100s and we didn’t have A/C. I didn’t use blankets on her for months! An extra yard of fabric was her swaddler instead.) I can’t wait until the day that these fabrics that once cradled and held her can do so again.

Pictures to come soon.

Here’s a new Giveaway I’ve heard of from Shabby Apple — beautiful dresses!

I love giveaways! I think I’ll have to have another one soon…. Hmm…. I must start thinking of what to give away….

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